Manicure, Pedicure
and Nail Polish Treatment.

This is your basic course and knowledge before moving on to gel polish and nail extensions.
This is lke your primary school into world of beauty and nails.

By end of the course you will know:

>> Customer Consultation Stage and Contra-Indications.

>> Sterilizing and Health Safety of the work environment.

>> Correct filing, removing cuticles, shaping without hurting client.

>> Infections and how to recognise and best ways to decline client if you ar unable to carry out a treatment on them.

>> Shapes of nails.

>> Different nail types and what is most suitable for each client.

>> Neat application of nail polish.

>> Best brands and products to use to use for cost effective treatments and good quality.

>> What causes allergies and what do nail technicians needs to do to avoid them.

>> Safe and damage free removal of colour.

>> Aftercare and recommendations to your clients.

>> Paraffin Wax Treatments and Quick Massage to add relaxation to your clients.

>> Most popular questions by your clients and how to answer them correctly.

>> Questions and Answer time at the end of the course

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