What does ABT accreditation mean? 

ABT accreditation

ABT is an accrediting body. With an ABT accredited certificate you can get insurance. We also provide discount code for ABT Insurance as out students.
ABT is UK 's largest beauty membership association and accreditation. More info on https://www.abtinsurance.co.uk/accreditation.jsp

Accredited one day courses suitable for someone who has another job and/or children. We give you a quick path into the world of beauty therapy. As courses are 1-2 day courses, we deliver essential information and practical information. Your success depends on yourself and the work effort you put into developing your skill. We also offer accredited advanced courses to improve your techniques and masterclasses with new tricks.
At the end of the day you will receive a signed accredited certificate. Please note, Payment Plan students will have their certificates posted to their home address once full payment has been completed. No postage charges apply. 

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