Why to choose NLT Beauty Training Academy? 

Why to choose NLT Beauty Training Academy to get your beauty qualification? 

NLT Beauty Salon also has a regular turnover of apprentices working at the salon who get taught and overlooked by the management team. 
We deal with new learners on a daily basis and know how to deliver information in a clear and understable way for someone who has not got a clue what treatment involves. 
Our goal isn't just to deliver the information to you. Our goal is to make you enjoy doing the treatment and make this your source of income. 

We are straightforward and do not sugar coat the beauty industry. It is a tough environment, and to do well, you need to be amazing at it! Therefore, we also offer advanced courses and masterclasses once you have done your initial beginners training.

We have come from a self taught background before completing courses, which has made us excellent tutors, as we have made all the common mistakes, however not this gives us ability to identify treatment faults and create a sensible solution to correct it without your client even noticing you have messed up.

We have adapted our teaching programme by a special technique ensuring beginners have a better understanding of the course which makes it a lot easier to learn a new treatment.

We also have an option of two tutors with two different types of personalities. You can choose that suits your way of learning more: Both tutors provide top class treatment quality. All their work can be viewed on our social media pages.
But they are very much like YIN & YANG. 

Jana is calmer, takes time in every step, overanalyses and reports back long feedbacks. Jana's main aim in treatments is to do it at her own pace to a perfection. (run two Sundays in the row, by splitting one day course into shorter days).

Kristina is fiery, having very little spare time, everything is done fast paced (don't worry your course will still have full required hours completed, as per accreditors requirements). Kristina is a business woman. Time is money and there is no such a thing as time wasting, every minute must be used for full productivity. (Kristina offers longer days in the week and Saturdays*).

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We completely understand that one tutor might suit your learning more than others, hence you have a choice who you would prefer to be taught by.
Both tutors work available on our social media pages @NLTbeauty and their reviews from the salon client. 

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