Our Microblading Course includes a FULL KIT. Maximum group size is 2 people. 
Courses run on Mondays, Saturday and Sundays.

To complete Microblading course you must be qualified in Brow Wax&Tint or Brow Lamination.
(Both courses are available to be completed with NLT Beauty Training Academy)

What we cover in the course:

>> Muscles and blood supply in the eyebrow area.

>> Chosing most suitable permanent make up colour according to Fitzpatrick scale.

>> Health and Safety in Beauty Industry.

>> Sterilizing and Hygiene.

>> Consultation, colour match and brow shapes.

>> Predrawing perfect brows according to clients request and natural shape.

>> Treatment process, step by step including practical.

>> Correct techniques, correct depth, natural looking strokes.

>> Contra -indications and when should you decline clients.

>> Aftercare. Do's and Don't's.

>> Top up process.

>> Cover ups, previous tattooing.

>> Difficult situations and how to deal with them.

>> Most popular questions from clients and how to respond. 

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