Hard Gel Extensions

You must hold Manicure Pedicure or Gel Polish or Acrylics Qualification to proceed with this course.

Points covered in this course:

>> Sterilising before and after treatment.

>> Preparation of the nail bed for application, making sure no lifting or chips happen with your clients.

>> Shaping tips and different styles in shaping (coffin, oval, round, square, narrow square, wide square, ballerina, almond, sqoval = square and oval).

>> Correct thickness for each shape.

>>  Buffing nail bed without e-drill.

>> Creating perfect layers of hard gel on clients nail, not to get heat spikes.

>> Filing with and without nail e-drill over the nail bed with applied hard gel.

>> Tips on filing how not to get skin caught, even filing.

>> Application of nail polish or gel polish to finish the look.

>> Recommendation and tricks on what equipment and products to use.

>> Safe removal of hard gel which cannot be soaked off like acrylics.

>> Basics on infills and what to look out for when infilling.

>> What to be aware of when working with clients, and their skin.

>> Allergies to acrylic, how to recognise them and what to do.

>> Your own protection from chemicals.

>> Aftercare and recommendation to clients on how to keep nails stay on for a longer time.

>> Most popular questions received from clients and how to answer them.

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