Spray Tan

Having a spray tan is the safest and mess free (for client) to get an even tanned skin. More and more people are looking after their skin, being scared of ageing, moles, burning and other factors that may be caused by a UV light.

An extremely popular treatment for prom season, holiday seasons (to get a base tan and not be the whitest on the beach), and Christmas.

On our course we will teach you:

>> Customer Consultation Stage.

>> Patch Test.

>> Preparation to the application and what should the client do before the appointment.

>> Selecting right shade for the client to suit clients expectations.

>> We will train you on two of the most popular spray tan solutions, as we find one brand suits more than one skin type and other brand is more suitable for the opposite skin type.

>> Different types of clients: dry skin patches, oily skin, bigger ladies (who will need to do more moves to ensure every inch of their curvy body received the spray tan)

>> Making the client feel comfortable standing naked in front of you (privacy).

>> Allergic Reaction.

>> Aftercare and recommendation.

>> Most popular questions asked from clients and how to answer them.

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