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Welcome to NLT Training Academy

Born out of the industry in 2019 by Kristina Carter - a leading entrepreneur & beauty therapist, NLT Training Academy providing pioneering beauty courses and training programmes that nurture creative talent and technical ability.

  • Courses from £169 - Payment Plans Available - In class learning and/or Zoom Conference Call theory + practical in your own time
  • Recognised Certificate to start your own business - 5 star approved academy -Award Winning - Self-taught? Get in touch
  • ABT Accredited -Certificate on the day - Discount with ABT Insurance - Two locations: CM23 3DH & EN8 9AF
  • Support for 6 months after the course + 2 hours free practical within 3 months from the course  - Kits worth up to £120
  • Mondays & Wednesdays 9-4pm. + weekends available* -Groups of 1-2 per class. - Option to have an extra day or an extra model 
  • With our certificates you can work for a salon, become self-employed or open up your own business

Please contact us for course prices & all other enquiries: 
text: 07496 128 261
email: kristinacarter@nltbeauty.co.uk
Are you self taught? And just need certificate to be insured. Please contact us, we can help. 

NLT Beauty offers courses and guidence on different areas of beauty services. 

Beauty Courses - Quick Look

To go ahead with this course, you must hold Manicure and Pedicure Qualification.
Gel Polish is the most popular semi permanent polish to be applied on the natural nail. It usually lasts 2-3 weeks, with correct application steps. 
>> 1-day course:  £269
>> 2-day course:
>> £399 3-day course:  £539
>> Add Manicure + Pedicure for extra:  £139
>> Add Russian Manicure + Pedicure for extra: £239

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Manicure, Pedicure and Nail Polish Treatment.
This is your basic course and knowledge before moving on to gel polish and nail extensions.
This is lke your primary school into world of beauty and nails.

You must hold Manicure Pedicure or Gel Polish or Hard Gel Qualification to proceed with this course.
>> 1-day course: £299
>> 2-day course: £439
>> 3-day course: £699
>> Add e-drill course for an extra: £139

Individual Lashes is the most popular lash extension treatment. It is suitable for all ages without making older clients feel over the top with voluminous lashes.
>> 1-day course: £239
>> 2-day course: £379
>> 3-day course: £499


Russian/Volume Lashes are hand created fans to be applied per one o the natural lashes. They create extra volume, even i your client hasnt got many of their own lashes.
>> 1-day course: £239
>> 2-day course: £379
>> 3-day course: £499
Fast track Individual and Russian one day course: £499 
(Please note, you must be qualified in Individuals before taking Russian course on)

An extremely popular treatment for prom season, holiday seasons (to get a base tan and not be the whitest on the beach), and Christmas. Having a spray tan is the safest and mess free (for client) to get an even tanned skin.

Brow waxing is the quickest and most efficient way to remove unwanted hair. Tinting is a semi-permanent hair dye to make your brows stand out, or temporarily fill in the missing gaps in your brows.
This treatment never loses its popularity, and is requested all seasons.. 
>> 1-day course: £199
>> 2-day course: £329

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Body Waxing is the best way to remove any unwanted hair without feeling it growing within a couple of days. It has to be done regularly, therefore ensuring your clients to return and they become regular clients..

You must hold Manicure Pedicure or Gel Polish or Acrylics Qualification to proceed with this course.

Lash Lifting and Tinting has increased its popularity over last couple of years.
Lash Lifting is like perming lashes into a curl and tinting makes them darker. Therefore your clients will have natural lashes curled and darker up to 6 weeks.
>> 1-day course: £199
>> 2-day course: £329


Brow Lamination is a new trend in beauty industry. Suitable for everyone, and does not need to look like you see it in fashion magazines.
>> 1-day course: £199 

E-drill is the course where we show and explain how to use electric drill on nail extensions.
We do not teach how to drill natural nail beds, nor cuticles, as we do not agree with that and dont use those techniques in the salon.

This course is only for students who already hold a qualification in Body Waxing.
Please note this course is strictly for over 18's only.

Intimate Waxing removes hairs in unwanted areas. Treatment can be done on a male and female.

To complete Microblading course you must be qualified in Brow Wax&Tint or Brow Lamination.
Our Microblading Course includes a FULL KIT. Maximum group size is 2 people.
Courses run on Mondays, Saturday and Sundays.
>> 1-day course: £899
>> 2-day course: £1300
>> 3-day course: £1800
(Please note, you must have at least 6 months experience in any beauty treatments, or a nurse qualification.)

Fillers (cheeks, lips, lower park of face)
>> 1-day course: £1900
>> 2-day course: £2900
>> 3-day course: £3900

please note, you must have at least 6 months experience in Microblading or a nurse qualification. 

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